Who we are...

Olathe Junior Service League (OJSL) consist of members from the Olathe area who have a commitment to community.  At present we have 75 active member, 11 provisional members and 104 sustaining members.  Annual dues are collected from each member.

Provisional Members: Those who are not yet eligible for active membership and are engaged in complying with the requirements set by OJSL for admission. Provisional members spend their first year learning about OJSL and the needs of the Olathe community and complete special group projects chosen by the provisional members.

Active Members: Those who have completed the requirements for the provisional year.  They are granted the right to vote, hold office and chair committees. Each active member is expected to volunteer a certain number of hours each year.

Sustaining Members: Those who choose to become sustaining members after at least 5 years of service to the organization and are in good standing.  Sustainers offer their emotional and financial support to the organization.  

What we do...


Olathe Junior Service League

P.O. Box 721
Olathe, Kansas 66051