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OJSL Membership

If you have a heart for community service and are interested in joining a group of outstanding women that work to make our community a better place, please complete the application below.  

Applications for membership in OJSL are accepted until August 31. New members to OJSL are considered Provisional members for the first year. The membership "class" has mentors that guide them during their Provisional year. The class will learn about OJSL as well as other organizations in Olathe. 


The requirements for Provisional Membership presently include: payment of $25 application fee, attend Provisional orientation classes, participate in OJSL fundraisers, participate in a Provisional service project, attend all General meetings and attend one Board meeting.

After that first year, our Active members are required to spend about 25 hours a year on one or more service projects and pay annual membership dues of $50.  


Our form asks for a sponsor from OJSL. If you do not know an OJSL member, don't worry! We will connect you with a member to help show you the ropes of OJSL.

Have questions?  Email us.

You may pay your $25 by either PayPay below or sending a check to:  

Olathe Junior Service League

P.O. Box 721
Olathe, Kansas 66051

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