About Us

WHAT is Olathe Junior Service League?

We are a very busy group of ladies with big hearts, creating lasting friendships and fond memories, while giving of ourselves to better our community.

OJSL was formed in 1969 by 17 area women to help raise funds to retire the debt of Olathe Community Hospital (now the Olathe Medical Center). Since then, this group has taken on many projects to help better the Olathe community.

OJSL is  dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people of our community by volunteering our time and talents along with fundraising activities to best serve those in need. Through the past 50 years we have served in many ways.

The Olathe Junior Service League is non-profit charitable organization that is committed to the improvement of our community through effective volunteerism and fundraising. We are pledged to making a difference in our community by reaching out to those the most in need and educating ourselves regarding community issues and leadership.


Our purpose

The purpose of OJSL shall be:

To cultivate interest among its members in the social, economic, educational, cultural and civic conditions of the community.

 To foster volunteerism by developing members interest and talents through a variety of service projects and fundraising. 

To value commitment, honor tradition, foster personal growth, expect accountability and share accomplishments while buildings relationships and creating friendships.

To realize that the vitality of any group is dependent upon the dedication of individual members and the willingness of those members to work together.

WHO we are...


Olathe Junior Service League (OJSL) consist of members from the Olathe area who have a commitment to community.  At present we have 75 active member, 11 provisional members and 104 sustaining members.  Annual dues are collected from each member.

Provisional Members: Those who are not yet eligible for active membership and are engaged in complying with the requirements for membership set by OJSL for admission. Provisional members spend their first year learning about OJSL and the needs of the Olathe community and complete special group projects chosen by the provisional members.

Active Members: Those who have completed the requirements for the provisional year.  They are granted the right to vote, hold office and chair committees. Each active member is expected to volunteer about 25 hours each year.

Sustaining Members: Those who choose to become sustaining members after at least 5 years of service to the organization and are in good standing.  Sustainers offer their emotional and financial support to the organization.  

WHAT we do...


During your years in OJSL you will participate in Service Projects, Fundraising Events, Meetings and Social Events.

Service Projects: You will be a member of one (or more) of our service projects.  Some of the current projects include: 

  • Hospice House Snacks

  • Cyclone Closet at Santa Fe Trail Middle School

  • Bingo at Good Samaritan & Anthology of Olathe

  • Olathe District Schools Homeless Outreach

  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing

  • Starfish Project

Fundraising Projects: Fudge Friends - During the holidays we sell Nell's Fudge.  Nell Bowen has been known throughout the Olathe Community for her fudge and she has shared her recipe with OJSL.


Meetings and Social Events:  Throughout the year we get together to support, plan, socialize and report on OJSL business and activities:

Financial Contributions:  The monies raised by members is given back to the community in the formm of college scholarships, emergency aide and requests through community grants.